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Silverline Transportation Inc is fully committed to operating the safest fleet in the industry. Our safety program consists of several pieces the most important being that of vehicle and trailer safety, driver training and review and our self-audit program.

Our fleet of tractors and trailers are under constant scrutiny
from our safety and maintenance departments.

Each truck and trailer is inspected and maintained by a program that exceeds industry standards. Each time a truck or trailer is dispatched it undergoes a vigorous pre trip inspection and upon return a thorough post trip inspection is done. If issues are identified our on-site maintenance team is there to take care of the problems immediately.

Our commitment to driver safety is unparalleled. From the time the driver is hired our culture of the 100% perfect delivery is instilled in them. It begins with driver training which consists of classroom and over the road training. Our drivers are taught safety first at all points of training. Our drivers and their records are reviewed at least once a year. Lastly driver safety meetings are used to reinforce our culture of safety and additional issues and topics that may come up over the course of the year.

The self-audit program is company wide and is one of our most stringent programs. It spans all departments and makes us ask how are we operating as a company and can we be doing better. Each department and terminal is looked at on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis as it relates to their stake in our company’s performance.

The Self Audit Process: